About Fran

Liverpool born Fran Orford is a full time cartoonist lucky enough to live in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire – a town that was intriguingly voted ‘the fourth funkiest town on the planet’ by BA’s Flight magazine. None of the ‘funkiness’ can however be attributed to him although he does claim to have a rather dashing collection of shorts. Before becoming a cartoonist Fran was a social work manager running a project for The National Childrens Home based in Halifax and before that he’d worked with young people in London for an offshoot of Community Service Volunteers (CSV).

Since taking up his pen 10 years ago his cartoons have been used by over 80 magazines and newspapers in both the UK and Europe. He has been published in PRIVATE EYE, THE TIMES, THE SPECTATOR and NEW STATESMAN as well as having had a regular strip in both THE OBSERVER and THE DAILY TELEGRAPH.

He is one of the busiest cartoonists working in the business sector having been the cartoonist for THE LAWYER, GP MAGAZINE, MORTGAGE STRATEGY, COMMUNITY CARE, PENSIONS AGE, INSURANCE AGE and Local Government FIRST amongst others. He has also worked for many companies helping them to add a little humour to promotional campaigns, newsletters and presentations. Fran has also illustrated numerous books, booklets and pamphlets for a number of local Authorities, not for profit organisations and Trade Unions. Fran will tackle any subject but has a particular expertise in cartoons related to business, finance, management, law, medicine, social work, trade unions, health and safety, training, charities and local authorities.

When not cartooning or having a bit of a sit down and claiming to be ‘thinking of some ideas’, Fran is very happily married to Lynette. They have three children and a dog. The children are not convinced by the ‘thinking of some ideas’ argument and think that their dad is underemployed and therefore should be available 24 hours a day for general lifts and skivying. When not pretending to work Fran pretends to do a bit of running and lifting weights. When he has more time he is going to pretend to do some DIY.

To have Fran work for you phone 01422 417310