Commissioning a Cartoon

For those of you who haven’t used a cartoonist before working with Fran is remarkably easy. Most clients simply e-mail or call with their initial enquiry. A brief, fee and timetable are agreed and the client can then go and have a coffee. Draft ideas will be sent through and upon acceptance the finished cartoons will be forward in the format of the your choosing, usually this would be a print-ready jpeg.

The agreed fee includes everything. There are no extra charges for drafts or alterations (within reason).

Fees are negotiable but always reasonable if you have a budget it will be stuck to. Voluntary and not for profit agencies get special discounts.

For most projects you would just send through an article or project you need cartooning. For promotional and advertising a few bulletpoints identifying the ideas that you want to get across may be all that’s needed. If on the other hand you have a clear idea about the image and content you’re looking for then Fran can illustrate it.

Timetables are flexible but as a cartoonist used to working for magazines and papers turnaround times of less than a day are perfectly possible although a few days to a week is the norm Larger projects may of course take a little longer.

You are normally buying ‘first use’ of cartoons. This is all most people need. If you want full copyright then make it a part of your briefing.

Hope the above answers most obvious questions. If you have any others then give Fran a call. As a cartoonist he hardly ever gets out and welcomes any opportunity for a chat. This does not constitute an invitation to cold calling from organisations wanting to give him a discount on a new kitchen.

To have Fran work for you phone 01422 417310 or e-mail