Medical Cartoons

I’ve been the cartoonist for GP magazine for many years and have supplied them with hundreds of medical cartoons. As a self-delusional keep-fit enthusiast I’ve always been interested in health and fitness related issues. Unfortunately I’m also a potential hypochondriac so have to speed-scan any medical publication I may be working for so as to avoid reading about any life threatening conditions I may have not realised I had!

Cartoons work well in medical settings. For practitioners medical cartoons can be a little light relief from demanding jobs and for patients medical cartoons can be a useful way of reinforcing health related messages without being hectoring; there are after all only so many times you can say ‘look after your diet and do a bit more exercise’ before your patient / client / customer hits you with the nearest moveable object. To find out more about medical cartoons ring me on 01422 417310 or use the contact page to send me an e-mail.