Law and Legal Cartoons

I’ve been the cartoonist for THE LAWYER magazine for many years I also draw for LAWYER2B and have worked for the LAW SOCIETY as well as a number of individual law firms. I simply LOVE doing law based cartoons because as a client group lawyers are the least ‘precious’ of any of the professions I cover. Lawyers really don’t have any problem having the p*** taken out of them, and the rest of the population doesn’t seem to have much of a problem taking a poke at them either! Legal cartoons work really well as a way of balancing out dry legal articles and breaking up overly text-rich pages. They also make great gifts for the lawyer in your life!

If you’d like bespoke law cartoons, lawyer cartoons or any sort of legal cartoons for your newsletters, presentations, promotions etc then just give me a ring on 01422 417310 or e-mail me through the contact page.