Social Work Cartoons

Years ago before being drawn to the world of cartooning I was a social worker. For 15 odd (in both senses of the word) years I worked for various voluntary agencies and one local authority ending up as a manager within NCH (Action for Children as I think it’s now called). As a result I have tremendous respect for the profession and most of the people who work in it, not just for their dedication but for their ability to get anything done when strangled by bureaucracy, beaten up by a badly informed public and excoriated by politicians who should know better. Over the years I’ve drawn hundreds of strips for COMMUNITY CARE Magazine but I’ve also provided many, many cartoons for pamphlets,  booklets, posters and promotions of all kinds for a wide range of charities. As an ex-social worker I’m sensitive to the issue of  appropriate representation and creating humour without offence. I always discount my rates for Voluntary and not for profit agencies. If you’d like to find out more then phone 01422 417310 or e-mail