Newsletter and Booklet Cartoons

I’m often asked to provide cartoons for training packs and information/advertising pamphlets. The cartoons help to break up the text and give the material a more ‘friendly’ feel. They can also be used to get a message across in a fresh, unconventional manner that amuses as well as infoms. These cartoons were recently drawn for Aberdeen Asset management for a booklet they were distributing to clients and potential investors focussing on sensible investment strategies.

When clients are looking for this kind of work they usually just send me  a series of bulletpoints emphasising the ideas they want to get across. I will send draft ideas within a few days , the client makes choices and any changes and the final cartoons can be ready for printing within a week. I always try and make the process as easy and painless as possible for the client. To find out more phone 01422 417310 or e-mail